What We’ve Been Up To/What We’ll Be Up To

Hey folks,

We took a couple months off playing shows so you may have been wondering where we’ve been, obviously you’ve been refreshing this website daily if not hourly hoping for any kind of an update. Well today, you are in luck!

First off, we do have a show coming up.We’ll once again be joining The Planet Smashers when they stop by Calgary, make sure you come early to check us out. Nov. 7 at Dickens!

Unfortunately this is going to be our pal Nathan Obreiter’s last show with us. He’s going to be a father, and has decided he needs to focus on that for the time being, so we wish him the best and while we will miss him, we are excited for him to start a new chapter in his life.

As much as I am sad to see Nate go this does present the wonderful opportunity of having only six people in the band. Think of all the room on stage, think of how much easier it will be to book shows and plan jams. I love the full sound that we have but I will say that with every additional member we have, the logistics of the band get exponentially harder.

The reason we haven’t played any shows for a few months is because we have been focusing on writing some new songs with the ultimate goal of recording said new songs into a format where you can listen to them where ever you so desire. So far we’ve got three brand new songs, and we’ve worked out a new cover that we are very excited to debut as well. I’m hoping that we can add at least one or two more to that number in the next few months and then hit the studio sometime in 2015.

We’re going to stick to the oldies for the Planet Smashers show but we’re looking to book a show or two in December or January to debut all our new material.

Lots of exciting stuff coming up for us. Hope to see you all soon.


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