Spring Shows

First up we join some new and old friends on May 18 at Distortion, if you’re not heading out of town (and at the time of this writing, it seems like camping might be a bit of a stretch unless you’re planning on sleeping in an igloo) we hope you’ll join us to kick off the long weekend.

Next up, Calgary’s got a brand new music fest to celebrate International Ave. Come check out us and over 60 bands on Saturday, May 26 at the East Town Get Down, tickets available now. 

We’ll be taking some time off in July and August so we’re trying to cram a bunch of shows into June, stay tuned Medicine Hat fans, after 12 years we might finally be coming your way. We’ll also be hitting up Dickens on Friday, June 29 with the Resignators from Australia and then we’ll be heading over to Revelstoke the next day, June 30th, to play once again in their amazing summer street festival.

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